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About Psychole

Psychole is a leading provider of high-quality mental health services in the greater metropolitan area.

Navigating Costs, Maximizing Value

We understand MRO services can be costly, but we’ve got you covered. We operate a cost-effective model that doesn’t compromise on quality. With our lean approach, we minimize waste and optimize resources – savings we pass directly to you!

Reducing Downtime

Keeping Your Fleet Airborne

Our mission is to get your aircraft back in the sky where they belong. Utilizing predictive maintenance technologies and efficient processes, we minimize downtime and ensure your operations stay on schedule.

Strict Regulatory Compliance

No Exceptions

Navigating the complexities of aviation regulations? Leave it to us! Our experienced compliance team is dedicated to adhering to all regulatory standards, ensuring your aircraft remain compliant and safe.

Unwavering Quality Control

dedication to excellence

Consistency and quality are our mantra. With a stringent Quality Management System, we ensure every task, no matter how small, meets the highest quality standards. Each aircraft leaving our facilities is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Smart Supply Chain

reliable suppliers

We tackle supply chain challenges head-on. With a robust network of reliable suppliers, we ensure the availability of quality parts when you need them. Say goodbye to prolonged waits and counterfeit parts!

Empowered, Skilled Workforce

Our team is our strength

We are committed to continuous training and development of our staff, equipping them with the skills to tackle the evolving complexities of modern aircraft.

Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Services

Leading the way

In the age of digital aircraft, we’re not just keeping up – we’re leading the way. From digital twinning to AI-driven diagnostics, we’re leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure your aircraft receive the best care.

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul

Our MRO Services

Servicing commercial, helicopter and military applications.

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Our Vision

To create a world where every individual has access to high-quality mental health care and the tools necessary to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide evidence-based therapy and counseling services that are affordable, accessible, and personalized to each client’s unique needs. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where our clients can heal, grow, and achieve their goals.
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